Privacy Platform

The platform

What is VisiOn?

VisiOn  stands for “Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments”.

The VPP will provide services for  citizens and  Public Administration (PA). The perspective of the PA is twofold: that of a service provider when interacting with citizens, and  that of a user when relying on other PAs or third parties (external organisations including cross border).

VisiOn is an integrated tool solution that organisations includes within their infrastructure and that can be connected to all or part of their systems. VisiOn is accessed through a web interface by citizens that allows them to interact with the public administration (PA) in order to have information, updates, requirements on the management of their data or simply to inform them on how their data is managed on a daily basis. The VisiOn platform is a “visual” and user-friendly tool that, on the one hand, enabling public administrations to identify the needs of citizens in terms of the privacy requirements of their data and to manage them in a transparent manner. On the other, it allows citizens to define their desired level of personal data protection through the Privacy Level Agreement. VisiOn creates transparency between the organisation and the citizens about how to deal with personal and sensitive data.

Cost or benefits to Citizens?

VisiOn will be easy for citizens to use. The platform interface is user-friendly and designed to be easy, simple and intuitive. The platform has the main advantage of allowing citizens to have control on their data, even when other entities manage them.