Data protection for citizens

A simple and interactive tool for European citizens to manage and protect their data.

  • Installation & configuration

    Installation & configuration

    VisiOn Privacy Platform is a software solution that is easy to integrate in the Customers' premise. The VisiOn partners delivering…

  • Training


    Our training services are designed to help organizations and individuals PA-users to improve personal competence and skills in the use…

  • Governance, Risk and compliace

    Governance, Risk and compliace

    This service area helps the organization in identifying and valuing the information asset in the business (what you need to…

  • Security and privacy assessment

    Security and privacy assessment

    Our security analyst simulates a hacker that attempts to penetrate a system or network and is part of the application…

  • Support services

    Support services

    Wherever you are, we're here to help you — with support offices in many European countries, we have built an…

  • Maintenance


    Maintenance: One of the most important services provided as part of an VisiOn subscription is ongoing maintenance for the VisiOn…